Confidential Recipe

Confidential Recipe is the sound of rave, techno, electro and breaks cooked to perfection. It is a new alias from multifaceted, Venezuela-born, Bogota-based artist Carlos Siu. He is a DJ who has mastered the element of surprise and has been making jacked-up beats under a different name for over a decade. As well as co-running his own Kontra Imprint, he now releases on Rekids and its RSPX sub-label.

From the raw and early sound of Dance Mania to classic Detroit electro via thrilling UK breaks, he weaves music together in a heavy and hypnotic fashion. Each time he plays, he tells a story with electrifying highs and unpredictable shifts in mood that never let dancers rest.

His signature tracks are built on powerful drums, laced with neck-snapping percussion and finessed with mystic melodies that take you into another dimension.Her productions are steadily gaining momentum throughout the world of dance music and she is more and more in demand as remixer too.