Monty Luke

I’m a music producer, DJ and the founder of my label, Black Catalogue. My passion for all facets of dance music have made me one of the most versatile DJ’s you will hear. My journey thus far in the pursuit of an education in club culture has taken me from my hometown Los Angeles to San Francisco and then to Detroit and Berlin, the latter of which I now call home. In my DJ sets, you can hear me restlessly ranging between the worlds of Dark Disco, eclectic House, Dub and Deep Techno in a seamless fashion. In my mind, these blending visions force a conversation and energy exchange between myself and the dance floor. What often emerges is something new and unexpected.
I have recorded music and created remixes for labels such as Hypercolour, Rekids, Planet-E, Classic, KMS, Cadenza, Blood of Thrones, 2MR and of course my own Black Catalogue imprint, among others. To date, Black Catalogue has 30 releases and counting. Outside of the club, my primary focus is on music production and my monthly residency at Refuge Worldwide.
Sound, vision, energy and passion. Feel the vibe. Vibe the feel.