Philippe Petit

Originally from Brussels, Belgium, when he was not playing in his thrash metal bands, Philippe was going out but did not like the music he was hearing. That is when he started DJing. Very eclectic in the beginning, he quickly veered towards funk, hip hop and acid jazz. In the early nineties, he played for the warm up and afterparties of Guru, Ronnie Jordan, Galliano, the Goats, Palm Skin Productions etc.

In 1995, he moved to London. Having to stop his sweaty metal activities, he needed to find another way to release all his extra energy, this time on his own. That is the reason why slowly but surely he started to incorporate more and more techno into his DJ sets. By 1997, it was mostly techno that was coming out of his needles.

Having no time to start producing tracks, he focused mainly on playing gigs across London, as well as the one-off gigs in Belgium, France, Italy and Spain, mixing deep house and techno, always with a funk twist.

By 2000, he was sharing his time between Chamonix and London and in 2010 he moved permanently to Chamonix where he now spends 100% of his time, focusing on making music and DJing. There, he launched two record labels: Knotweed Records in 2011 and Decision Making Theory (DMT) in 2013.

As Philippe is composing music mainly when the weather grounds him at home, the dark atmosphere of the steep-sided mountain environment can be felt in his tracks. Techno, Detroit influenced, hypnotic, dubby, but always with a funk element. The key here is energy and groove!