Bookings: Theo Nasa

Theo Nasa

Theo Nasa is a unique unorthodox electronic artist from the UK surrounded by the raw elements of South London. An optimist of weird, vague, rough, melodramatic techno with supreme body catching patterns & sounds, he also runs his own label @aliensoundtrax with an anthology of all things around unordinary electronic music.

Growing up in the ’90s was a time where he was surrounded by all forms of music, such as R&B, Rap, and Hip-Hop. But the one genre that stood out the most was Jungle/Drum & Bass because he could hear a lot of it via his older brother. So taking in the natural fast elements at a young age naturally stuck with him. Early 2000’s where his mind started to develop more towards the UK sounds of Grime, buying instrumental vinyl’s at his local record shop as the love for fast drums, sound effects, and percussion elements got bigger.

Around the time of 2009, Theo started to listen to a lot of electro and house music falling in love with the wonky sounds in electro and the groovy aspect of house music.

Then going on to continue to buy vinyl’s but more towards the house and acid section. By 2011 Theo had formed a sound he can’t really explain but call it ‘Alien Sounds’ as people know it for today putting all his past experiences & certain sounds in one growing it to a sound he pushes today in the light of techno.

Theo, being possibly the only person in our techno and electronic community to review and showcase unreleased tracks to the public first via his outrageously funny reactions on his Instagram and YouTube accounts has made him a true vital asset for the underground techno world.

Theo takes constant trips to Berlin to absorb the creative culture and nightlife around the city. His first nightlife experience in Berlin was at the world’s most notorious techno club, Berghain where his passion for techno grew to pinnacle point instantly. The whole structure of how the tracks were produced and being played blew his mind and only made him want to recreate that energy through his own style and production.

Theo’s music and style have been supported on RINSE FM and spoken about worldwide since the beginning of 2011 as it is so versatile and unorthodox.

2018, Theo released his first-ever vinyl release on World Unknown that instantly sold out in Tokyo and Detroit within a few months.

2019, Theo got his single release ‘Amen Mayhem’ debut play on BBC Radio 1 by Ukrainian DJ Nastia that was featured amongst other heavyweights. Also Recently collaborating with artists including Ramiro Lopez, KUSP and more.

With a constant supply of tracks being sent to review and music set to be released through labels & his own imprint, Theo is set to take it to another level, especially with his weekly techno reviews via his Instagram account.