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Yves Tomas

Yves Tomas is a producer, vocalist and DJ from London with roots in Bristol. Brought up in the centre of the UK’s underground drum and bass and jungle scenes, the son of a touring musician Yves was often on the road and immersed in the inner workings of rave culture around the UK and Europe. Which gave birth to his love of electronic music. Like many gifted artists he was experimenting musically throughout his childhood, then in his early teens with handed down decks and a proteus 2000 synthesiser he was catapulted into his production journey. Initially with grime instrumentals in basements and clubs and later progressing to techno and house, whilst retaining the best parts of the genres he’s passed along the way.

Yves went on to develop his craft through engineering, working in studios alongside some of the biggest names in grime and pop music. This experience helped give birth to his unique style of electronic music. A reactionary expression to working in the meat grinder culture of mainstream music.
His forthcoming debut ‘Pilot EP’ on Rekids is a reflection on his heritage and musical journey. With emotional twists and turns, enigmatic, pure and playful energy paired with melancholic and cinematic notions. Yves Tomas is largely creating sounds from scratch using hardware and including his own vocals.