Man Power debuts on Rekids with ‘We Trawl The Hurts’ ft Louisahhh

DJ, producer, promoter, composer, and cultural agitator Man Power makes his debut on Radio Slave’s Rekids with ‘We Trawl The Hurts’ featuring Louisahhh on 12th April. The first fruits of a long-term friendship see Man Power (Me Me Me/Throne of Blood/Optimo) serving up a stomping, big-room cut that tips its hat to late-90s NY house and serves as a bed for the inimitable Louisahhh’s (RAAR) breathy vocal delivery of classic Prefab Sprout lyrics.

“I realised that I never set out to make a “Banger”, so I started sharing daily WIPs on Twitter/X of me attempting to do so, with notes on why I’d made certain decisions or changed certain things. The results were a shock and it felt like I’d managed to do what I set out to do, but I felt it needed an additional element. I’ve wanted to do something with Louisahhh for forever and the idea of asking her to cover that as a vocal element just arrived in my head fully formed. It’s one of the few occasions making music where I’ve had an idea and the execution has turned out exactly as it was in my head when I first thought of it” – Man Power

An intimate, spoken-word vocal from Louisahh weaves through a world of vibrant pads and chords. The gorgeous lyricism of their ‘We Trawl The Hurts’ is underpinned by an uplifting and emotive swirl of melody and a rock-steady beat. Man Power’s love of Murk and Tenaglia shines through.

The evergreen Deetron delivers three versions of ‘We Trawl The Hurt’s ft Louisahhh’: a remix that flips the original into a thumping deep techno cut featuring loopy synths and pixelated leads, a stripped-back and powerful dub, and his DJ tool ‘drum and bass’, built for those who like to mix.