Radio Slave Provides the Latest Wind Down Mix for BBC Radio 1

Rekids boss Radio Slave in the mix for BBC Radio 1‘s Wind Down series, supplying an hour of simply gorgeous, relaxing sonics; an absolute must-listen!

“Back in the 90s I’d often play ambient or chill-out sets and my residency at Ministry’s “Open All Hours” would define my eclectic years as a DJ. I was buying music from everywhere and with that I was discovering artists new and old every week. I couldn’t just click and collect all that knowledge like we can today.

You had to get your hands dirty but it was incredibly rewarding and with this mix for the BBC I really wanted to present something that’s eclectic, timeless and a nod to the past and the present.

It’s a snapshot of the music I listen to at home and includes a few of my all-time favourites plus some incredible new music which I’ve recently discovered and it’s been a real honour to put this one together.” – Radio Slave

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