Yves Tomas releases ‘Temper’ OST via Radio Slave’s Pyramids of Mars.

Yves Tomas releases ‘Temper’ OST via Radio Slave’s Pyramids of Mars. UK-based musician Yves Tomas’ ‘Temper’ is the soundtrack to Georgia Hudson’s indie film.

Exploring people’s lives through a series of interviews, Hudson’s ‘Temper’ is a study of the human condition, looking at the raw emotions of its subjects, touching on various experiences by those in the film. Tomas agreed to take on the project after connecting to the narratives within, stating “everything felt so personal and pertinent to what I was experiencing at the time. The struggle with loss, separation, drugs and alcoholism, identity, change and new hope”.

Embracing these themes, Tomas worked in his deft production skills to accompany the film, delivering a deeply personal and engaging affair for Hudson, whose previous collaborators include Loyle Carner, P!nk, Nike and more. Utilising field recordings and personal vocal snippets alongside cinematic drama and creative approaches, ‘Temper’ makes for a compelling listen throughout.

Yves Tomas has been immersed in music from a young age, absorbing the Jungle and Drum & Bass produced by his parents and the well-documented fertility of Bristol’s vast music scene throughout his youth, before beginning a career as a music engineer. Throughout this, Tomas spent time honing his craft to perfection, resulting in his debut ‘Pilot EP’ on Rekids in 2020 and now culminating in ‘Temper’, his first full-length release.


01. Connection

02. Hope

03. Nest

04. Unconditional

05. Love

06. Death

07. Transition

08. Recovery

Stream & buy here –> lnk.to/POMLP006